Kamil Gancarz

Kamil Gancarz

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Kamil Gancarz is the Founder, Inventor, and President of the Board at Bitfold, the first standalone private vault for digital assets and identity. At Bitfold, he is developing an ultimate hardware and software infrastructure for using blockchain technology that will enable users to transact with absolute security, ease, and efficiency. Gancarz is a financial expert with over 15 years of industry experience. He spent 12 years running Invest Management, a consultancy focused on investments, financial effectiveness, internationalization of companies and opening bank accounts all over the globe. Since 2014, he has been a practitioner and enthusiast of blockchain technology. He actively promotes and comments in the media its advantages, and suggests solutions for the main problems. In addition, he also serves as an international financial and business consultant.

Professional Experience

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  • Bitfold operates on the most advanced privacy-focused and security-oriented solutions in blockchain technology

  • The company aims to provide digital assets and authentications with highest security and best user experience by building hardware, software and services. 

  • Bitfold’s experts have designed a unique technology that provides the security of the cold wallet in a standalone, internet-connected device.


  • Gancarz is the President of the Blockchain Development Foundation, an organization that conducts scientific and engineering research on the solution to the current security flaws.

  • He is responsible for development of new ideas and approaches, strategy and relation with key investors.

  • He is a member of the Swiss Crypto Valley Association, supporting the development of Blockchain technology and cryptographic ecosystems

  • member of the Mensa Polska organization.

  • He stays up to date with the latest methods of using Blockchain technology mechanisms in enterprises and among the so-called high-net-worth individuals.