John Butler

John Butler

Formal First Name

John Butler is a Consultant and Contributor at Macro Hive. With over 25 years of experience in international finance, he has gained particular expertise in macro asset allocation, investment process design, fund management, research, strategy, and team management. A seasoned financial professional with a wide range of industry experience, Butler is a regular contributor to various financial publications. He is also an occasional speaker at investment conferences around the world who has an established media profile and internet footprint.

Professional Experience

Academic History

  • Bulter has successfully predicted some of the most important global financial events during his career, including:
  • He is a CFA-approved expert speaker and presenter at CFA-institute events.
  • He is both a British and US national.
  • He is fluent in English and German language.
  • His research has been cited by the Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, and the Nikkei Shimbun.