Jason Moser

Jason Moser

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Jason Moser is a senior analyst and advisor with The Motley Fool. He finds stocks that generate money and tells the world around them through Twitter, Motley Fool Money, MarketFoolery, and Industry Focus. Prior to joining Motley Fool, he pursued a life of golf as a PGA club professional in South Carolina and Maryland for seven years before deciding to transition into work as a loan officer with Bank of America. Jason and his wife also spent five years abroad working at the US embassies in Cairo, Egypt and Astana, where they worked with the housing and HR departments to help locate and contract local housing arrangements for US Embassy employees.

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  • You’ll see or hear Jason Moser offering up his two cents in various media outlets around the country, particularly during earnings season.
  • When he’s not knee-deep in 10-Ks you can catch him talking shop on The Fool’s daily podcast, Market Foolery as well as their weekly radio show, Motley Fool Money.
  • He's also won a Buzzy and an Awessie.