Jared Bibler

Jared Bibler

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Jared Bibler is one of the leading investors of the largest financial crimes in the world. He is the author of Iceland's Secret, the ultimate financial thriller exposing the alleged corruption and greed of Icelandic bankers. He has nearly 20 years of broad experience in the global financial markets. He started his career in Boston and New York, where he worked as a consultant to a Wall Street giant. Today, Bibler consults on market manipulation and insider trading investigations, as well as sustainable finance. He serves as a Principal at Katla AG, a private consulting firm where his focus areas include investigations, project facilitation, and lobbying. 

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  • He is a finance specialist who helped investigate corporate malfeasance in the wake of Iceland’s 2008 financial crash

  • Bibler and his team referred more than 30 criminal cases to the Special Prosecutor of Iceland, including the largest stock market manipulation cases to be prosecuted globally.

  • He also served as a Senior Manager at the Special Investigation Team of The Financial Supervisory Authority of Iceland. 

  • He investigated fraud cases central to the recovery of Iceland's economy and credibility, and was the point person for communications with counterparts in Europe, the Americas, and Asia.

  • He was a Forensic Senior Manager at Deloitte Switzerland, where he led the financial crime workstream for controls testing projects at the global bank.

  • Most recently, he was Head of Surveillance and Enforcement at SIX, responsible for detection and investigation of market manipulation and insider trading on Europe's third-largest stock exchange.


  • A graduate of MIT, he began his career as a software engineer. He eventually made his way to Wall Street as a consultant.

  • He moved to Iceland to support the Icelandic pension funds' foreign investments as a Chartered Financial Analyst.

  • He was subsequently hired to head a special investigation team at the Icelandic markets regulators, where he oversaw just how far financial corruption spread across the globe.