Jacob Blish

Jacob Blish

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Jacob Blish is Head of Business Development and Partnerships at Lido, the DAO behind the largest liquid staking protocol. Prior to joining Lido, Blush was Chief Operating Officer of Spruce Systems, where he distinguished himself with an analytics-based focus on driving revenue and meaningful customer adoption. Before that, he spent 2 years at ConsenSys, most recently as Director of Business Development, where he helped manage business opportunities and strategy for various teams at ConsenSys. He was also Co-Lead and Head of Operations at Alpine, with a focus on driving revenue and customer adoption of distributed ledger technology for clients. Throughout his career, Blish had started, sold and worked a number of startups with a focus on user acquisition and retention.

Professional Experience

Academic History


  • At ConsenSys, he led operations to create new web2.5 products bridging enterprise identity to w3c verifiable credentials and decentralized identifiers.

  • He was a token engineer at Token Foundry, where he worked on system design for clients including Interlinked, Colendi, Ara, and Tectonic.

  • He was an analytics developer at JP Morgan, working with business partners to produce and visualize easily digestible KPIs.