Jack O'Holleran

Jack O'Holleran

Formal First Name
Jack (Jack)

Jack O’Holleran is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Skale Labs. He is a veteran entrepreneur with a strong background in machine learning, artificial intelligence, security, and blockchain. O’Holleran has been an active cryptocurrency investor and an evangelist for decentralized systems since 2013. He started working full-time in the crypto space in 2017 and has since established multiple Silicon Valley-based enterprise technology companies. He is also an Ethereum supporter and a strong believer in decentralized business models.

Professional Experience

Academic History


  • His first work with digital currencies was in 2008 when he built a digital currency platform for Enterprise Resource Allocation.
  • He founded IncentAlign, a digital currency platform, and Aktana, the leading Machine Learning Analytics platform for the Life Science Industry. 
  • He held various sales positions at Good Technology and was consistently a top performer.
  • He managedd business development and alliance activities for Motorola's "Good Technology Suite."



  • O'Holleran was a starting receiver for the Nebraska Cornhuskers Football team.
  • He is a two-time Varsity Letterman and was twice awarded First-Team Academic All-Big 12 Honors.
  • He finished full-distance Ironman in Hokkaido Japan in 2013.
  • He co-founded the Icarus Athletic Club, an athletic club dedicated to health, fitness, and community.