Harry Markopolos

Harry Markopolos

Formal First Name
1956 - present

Harry Markopolos is a famed forensic accounting analyst for attorneys suing companies under the False Claims Act. He is a Certified Fraud Examiner and Financial Mathematics Consultant specializing in the forensic investigation of Ponzi schemes, securities fraud, and public company accounting fraud. His typical cases are $1 billion and up, involving top management led fraud schemes. Markopolos is normally paid 10%-30% of the recoveries, fines, and penalties for successful cases. He avoids digital currency cases, tax cases, and mortgage fraud cases.

  • Markopolos started his career as a broker with Makefield Securities. 
  • He is a Chartered Financial Analyst.
  • He has appeared as a guest on Real Vision.


  • Bernard Madoff was behind the largest case of investor fraud in history, a $65 billion Ponzi scheme. 
  • Markopolos was at Darien Capital Management when he first spotted problems in Madoff's firm's revenue streams. 
  • After doing analytical detective work where he tried to replicate Madoff's returns, Markopolos figured out that Madoff was either running a massive Ponzi scheme or was front-running using his order flow. 
  • He made numerous filings to the agency in 2000, 2001, and 2005. Some were ignored because the firm Markopolos was working for at the time was a competitor to Madoff's.
  • His story has been featured on 60 Minutes, in The Wall Street Journal, and in the documentary Chasing Madoff. 
  • Markopolos offers not only an insider account of his actions but a vivid examination of our financial system.
  • He articulates what mistakes and holes in our system lead to Madoff’s success and how we can prevent similar crimes in the future