Greg Weldon

Greg Weldon

Formal First Name
Gregory (Greg)

Greg Weldon is a highly-regarded global macro market expert. He is the Founder and CEO of Weldon Financial, a highly-regarded and profitable publishing company, where he produces WeldonLIVE, a daily, in-depth global market research report. Weldon has over 35 years of experience in observing and analyzing the global financial markets where he has successfully navigated some of the most challenging markets in history, most often guiding clients into macro-market trends and profitable trading strategies. In addition, he has over 20 years of independent global macro research, focusing on money, central banks, economic data, geopolitical events, and the impact of all markets around the world. He has a unique ability to define and forecast the market's direction through proprietary dissection of fundamental and technical market data. Weldon started his Wall Street career working in the Comex Gold and Silver Pits, later joining Lehman Brothers, Prudential Securities, and Moore Capital. He also did a brief stint at Commodities Corporation. In addition, Weldon is the author of "Gold Trading Boot Camp" and the host of the "Money, Markets & New Age Investing" podcast.

Professional Experience

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  • Weldon has appeared on almost every financial market television shows and does occasional radio interviews.

  • He has published newsletters that combine fundamentals, technical analysis, inter-market examinations, psychology, and intuitive insights.

  • Weldon has been featured on CNBC, Fast Money, Money Talks, and Bloomberg.

  • He appears as a speaker at several international financial conferences and is mentioned in several articles and investment websites.

  • He has also appeared as a contributor and guest on Real Vision.