Weldon LIVE

Parent Entity

Weldon LIVE offers a comprehensive and top-down fundamental analysis of the diversified menu of global capital markets. It provides charts, macro-data, and fundamental-based presentations, blended with a bottom-up technical overlay to address today's greatest opportunities. Weldon LIVE covers global stock indexes, fixed income, foreign exchange, precious and industrial metals, energy, agricultural commodities, and global macro.


WeldonLIVE Daily Video

A live and quick-paced five-minute daily top-down global-macro update from Greg, who spotlights the most important focal points of the day, connects-the-dots between macro and markets, examines potential opportunities, risk considerations, and defines, adjusts, or refutes the secular macro-themes of the day. 

Weldon LIVE Daily ChartPACK

A hard-hitting, all-encompassing package of PDF-delivered charts covering all the major sectors, from global-macro to bonds, stock indexes, currencies, metals, energy, and commodities. It offers Greg's color-commentary in the form of light-reading as defined by the text that accompanies every chart. 

WeldonLIVE TradeLAB

This features long-standing preferred strategies section, with specific portfolio recommendations in currencies, fixed-income, stock indexes, ETFs, metals, gold, energy, and agricultural commodities. It also provides specific portfolio weighting strategies and sector breakdowns within global stock markets.

WeldonLIVE on Twitter

Client-exclusive, live service on Twitter, within which Greg offers on-the-fly thoughts about macro-data releases, market movements, news-events, and trading strategy updates, via Twitter.