Gmoney (9dcc)

Gmoney (9dcc)

Formal First Name

Gmoney is a renowned NFT cultural thought leader, educator, and community authority known for sporting his iconic orange beanie CryptoPunk. Gmoney is also a highly regarded investor, builder, and influencer in the crypto space who partners with the biggest brands and advises major corporations on strategies for entering the metaverse. He has built an enormous following and reputation in the crypto economy space, and has been an advisor and angel investor in over 80 blockchain projects. He is also one of the largest collectors of NFTs in the world and has one of the most prized collections. A fashion industry changemaker, gmoney is the Founder of 9dcc, a crypto-native luxury house and lifestyle platform that incorporates the Web3 spirit. He also picks the brains of noteworthy individuals in the NFT/Web3 space on his podcast Admit One with gmoney.


  • gmoney is a trusted authority on building foundations for the community and has continued to be a major proponent of NFT tech and mainstream adaptation.

  • He cemented his reputation through multi-faceted business endeavors, investments, partnerships, collaborations, and transparent communication across various social channels. 

  • He also prominently uplifts POC, women, and other minorities in the space, positioning himself as a trusted, authentic, and diverse voice.


  • gmoney was recognized by nftnow’s 2022 ‘NFT100.’

  • He was featured on Fortune as one of the 50 most important people in NFTs.

  • He was also featured in Vogue's "Business 100 Innovators" list.


  • Gmoney is an in-demand speaker for keynotes and Q&As at  [INSIDE], HedgeEye TV, and more.

  • He has been featured in Forbes, CNBC, and HypeBeast, among others.

  • He has appeared as a guest on Real Vision.