Erez Katz

Erez Katz

Formal First Name

Erez Katz is a skilled serial entrepreneur and a C-level executive with a proven track record of effective leadership, influencing operation efficiencies and driving profitable growth. Erez is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Neuravest Research, a successor to Lucena Research, a financial technology disruptor committed to delivering adaptive investment and model portfolios powered by alternative data and machine learning. At Neuravest, he was responsible for designing and architecting the firm’s flagship product QuantDesk® and has made it his life’s mission to empower investment professionals through technology. Prior to Neuravest, Erez was the founder of Objectware, a web technology company. Throughout his career, Erez has an excellent track record in founding, building, managing, and growing cloud-based enterprise software businesses.

Professional Experience

Academic History

  • Erez Katz is an expert in machine learning and data science applications in finance.

  • He has strong leadership in building synergistic teams, instilling efficient process and operational discipline.

  • He aspires to shape the growth of both young and more mature businesses going through inflection points.

  • At Objectware, he ushered the firm to a public offering subsequent to an acquisition by Bridgeline Digital in 2007.

  • At Bridgeline Digital, he was responsible for overseeing the firm’s multiple business units both domestically and in Bangalore, India.

  • Erez was also instrumental in growing Bridgeline Digital after taking it public.