Ellen Safir

Ellen Safir

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Ellen Safir is the Founder and Chief Investment Officer of New Century Advisors. She oversees the overall investment and business strategies of the firm. An early adopter of TIPS, Safir has helped advance the firm's reputation as an expert in inflation-linked securities. Her vast expertise in the fixed income markets also extends to the emerging market and high-yield sectors as well as traditional fixed income sectors. She was a pioneer in developing Core Plus, now a widely recognized strategy that employs a broad opportunity set within portfolios.


  • Safir began her career as a financial analyst at the Federal Reserve Board in Washington, DC.
  • At the American National Red Cross, she managed operating reserves and oversaw the organization's retirement system and endowment portfolios. 
  • At the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, she had direct management responsibility for the spectrum of fixed income assets, including high yield, emerging markets, and sovereign products.