Daniel Arbess

Daniel Arbess

Formal First Name
1/23/1961 - present

Daniel Arbess is the Founder, Chief Executive Officer, and Chief Investment Officer of Xerion Investments. His investment edge lies in recognizing economic, policy, and industrial developments and using valuation judgment, relationship networks, and negotiation skills to capture them in multi-year investments. Throughout his career, Arbess has been professionally involved in global themes and event-driven opportunities. He is also a frequent contributor and commentator on topics related to macroeconomics, investing, and global markets.

Professional Experience

Academic History

  • Arbess was born in Montreal, Quebec.
  • He began his professional career in 1987 at White & Case,¬†where he became the youngest partner in the law firm's history.
  • He has been a principal investor since 1995, first pursuing restructuring-oriented private transactions in Europe.¬†
  • He is recognized for his prescient calls on some of the largest developments of the past 30 years:
    • the economic transition toward markets from communism in Eastern Europe and China
    • the U.S. housing/financial crisis and monetary policy-led market recovery
    • and the accelerating virtualization of our physical world, as part of the economic transition from manufacturing/services toward technology-led growth
  • He is a lifetime member of the Council on Foreign Relations.
  • He has appeared as a guest on Real Vision.