Cliff Asness

Cliff Asness

Formal First Name
Clifford (Cliff)
10/17/1966 - present

Cliff Asness is Co-Founder, Managing Principal, and Chief Investment Officer at AQR Capital Management. He is known as a pioneer in liquid alternatives and has earned the reputation of an intellectual giant in the hedge fund community. He is commended for his skeptical approach to Wall Street's perpetual bullishness and frank speaking. Asness is an active researcher and has published articles on various financial topics for many leading publications, including The Journal of Portfolio Management, The Journal of Finance, and The Journal of Financial Economics.

Entity Types

Hedge Fund


Quantitative Analysis


Portfolio Management

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Professional Experience

Academic History


  • Received the James R. Vertin Award from CFA Institute in recognition of his lifetime contribution to research.
  • Five-time winner of the Bernstein Fabozzi / Jacobs Levy Award from The Journal of Portfolio Management (2002, 2004, 2005, 2014, and 2015).
  • Two-time winner of the Graham and Dodd Award from Financial Analysts Journal for the year’s best paper.
  • Graham and Dodd Excellence Award, the award for the best perspectives piece, and the Graham and Dodd Readers’ Choice Award.
  • Vaughan Executive in Residence at the University of Missouri's Trulaske College of Business.
  • Member of the governing board of the Courant Institute of Mathematical Finance at NYU.
  • Named one of the 50 Most-Influential People in Global Finance by Bloomberg Markets magazine.