Chris Reining

Chris Reining

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1979 - present

Chris Reining is an investor and writer who landed a profile on The New York Times for retiring in his 30s. After graduating from college, he took a job in corporate America. By age 35, he accumulated $1 million and at 37 quit working. He doesn’t dwell on financial media, macro events, or predictions. Reining believes that American business will be worth more in the future than it is now, and that is what he invests in. His personal finance advice has been featured in The New York Times, TODAY, Business Insider, CBS, CNBC, CNN, and more.

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  • Chris Reining has been investing in stocks since he was 10.
  • The idea that you can sit there doing nothing while your money works for you is extremely appealing to him.
  • After quitting corporate America, Reining started living off investments. About 95% of his money is in the market, the remainder in cash equivalents.