Brian McCarthy

Brian McCarthy

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Brian McCarthy is Chief Strategist at MacroLens, an independent provider of market research and strategy with an emphasis on China and its growing influence on global asset markets. McCarthy is a veteran investor and expert on China’s balance of payments and currency management. He has an extensive career on Wall Street that has spanned multiple facets of business, including asset management, sales, and trading. Prior to MacroLens, he was Chief Strategist and Portfolio Manager at Emerging Sovereign Group where he ran the Nexus Fund, a China focused hedge fund. Additionally, he has held senior positions at RBS, Barclays and UBS in the fixed income space. McCarthy makes frequent travels to China, where he has met with hundreds of individuals in all walks of life—from government officials and economists to entrepreneurs, real estate speculators, and operators in the "shadow" and “underground” banking sectors.

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  • McCarthy has an extensive track record in the investment business that spans upwards of two decades. 

  • He started his career as a fixed income strategist at Alliance Capital and at AIG, where he managed international fixed income portfolios. 

  • He then held senior roles on the FX desks at Barclays, UBS and RBS before returning to the buy side in 2011.

  • He served as Chief Strategist at the hedge fund Emerging Sovereign Group, where he managed the Nexus Fund, a China-focused macro hedge fund.