Bethany McLean

Bethany McLean

Formal First Name
12/12/1970 - present

Bethany McLean is a Contributing Editor at Vanity Fair, a Columnist at Thomson Reuters and Yahoo Finance, and a Contributor to CNBC. Prior to this, she worked for 13 years as Editor-at-Large at Fortune. During this time, she became one of the first reporters to raise questions about Enron, with her story “Is Enron Overpriced?” McLean and fellow writer Peter Elkind exposed the Enron scandal and wrote the national bestseller The Smartest Guys in the Room, which went on to become an Oscar-nominated documentary.

Professional Experience

Academic History


  • She has contributed to the Atlantic, the New Republic, and the New York Times op-ed page.
  • Her 2016 Vanity Fair piece on disgraced pharmaceutical company Valeant was used as the basis for Netflix’s “Dirty Money” episode about the drugmaker.
  • She is currently the co-host of the podcast Capitalisn’t, together with Luigi Zingales.