Ben Friedland

Ben Friedland

Formal First Name
Benjamin (Ben)

Ben Friedland is Vice Chairman and Co-Head of CBRE's Alternative Investments Practice, an industry-specific practice group focused on advising financial institutions on their real estate strategies. Recognized within the real estate community as an industry and market expert, Ben has developed exclusive and unbroken relationships with many of the world’s most prestigious financial services companies. He is the industry’s go-to advisor and is well-known throughout the financial community for his insights as one of CBRE’s top producers globally. Throughout Ben’s 20+ year career, he has represented many of the world’s top financial service firms, from infancy to global organizations, having negotiated over 1,000 transactions on their behalf. He consistently provides insight into how the forces of technology and globalization are changing this age-old, multi-trillion-dollar industry for the 21st century.

Professional Experience


  • Ben has distinguished himself by developing exclusive relationships with many of the world’s most prestigious financial services companies. 

  • He shapes and implements creative real estate strategies that align with clients' goals, helping them further efficiencies and significant savings.

  • His client portfolio includes Eze Castle Integration, Kepos Capital and Engineer’s Gate and Stonepeak Infrastructure Partners, among others.

  • In addition, Ben gives back by actively mentoring and developing training programs for emerging professionals at CBRE.


  • Under his leadership, API provides advisory services to firms in the alternative investments sector on real estate needs.

  • The AIP brand is known throughout the NY real estate community for their activity, deal creativity, and relationships at the highest levels, among others.



  • Ben frequently provides quotes for the WSJ, NY Post, New York Times, and many leading industry publications.