Art Cashin

Art Cashin

Formal First Name
Arthur (Art)
1941 - present

Art Cashin is the Managing Director at UBS Financial Services and also the Director of Floor Operations for UBS Financial Services at the NYSE. Cashin is a legendary New York Stock Exchange floor trader and Wall Street veteran with over 50 years of industry experience. At age 23, he had become one of the youngest men to hold a seat on the NYSE. In addition to his role as a broker and a regular commentator, he is well known for his daily newsletter Cashin’s Comments, a morning outlook which is estimated to be read by more than 100,000 people each day. He also makes frequent appearances on financial television to talk about the markets.

Professional Experience



  • Cashin is one of the most talented and intelligent investors in the stock exchange market

  • He started his career as an assistant clerk at Thomson & McKinnon in 1959.

  • In 1964, at age 23, he became a Member of the NYSE and a partner of P.R. Herzig & Co. In 1980, he joined PaineWebber and managed their floor operation.


  • He is heavily involved in a variety of charity activities at the New York Stock Exchange.

  • He created the Exchange Christmas Dinner Fund in 1982, to feed underprivileged families during the holidays every year. In 1987, the fund was awarded a special citation by President Reagan. 

  • He was also the chairman of the NYSE Fallen Heroes Fund, which is focused on helping the families of NYC Police and Firemen killed in the line of duty. 

  • After the 9/11 attacks, the fund provided over $6 million dollars to families.