Coffee - Industry

The second-most-traded commodity in the industry with $100 billion worth across the globe, the Coffee sector has a long and overarching commodity chain that involves production, exporting, importing, roasting, distribution and retail of coffee. With an average of 500 billion cups of coffee consumed on Earth every year as its major consumers represent people of ages 19 to 34, the coffee market is continuously expanding and is acquainted with a rise in demand as their consumption increased by almost 10 percent. The coffee industry has become vital to the politics, survival, and economies for many developing countries. With the rise in urbanization and the demand for quick, quality products, the coffee industry is expected to continue to inflate in the coming years.

  • Coffee can be considered a health food:
    • Is a good source of antioxidants (primary source in American Diet!)
    • May be helpful in preventing alzheimerse