WindRock Wealth Management

Founding Date

WindRock Wealth Management is an independent, research-driven investment management firm focusing on the macroeconomic "big picture" and entrepreneurial mindset to seize on unique investment opportunities. Founded in 2012, WindRock has been a trusted voice to a select group of high net worth individuals, family offices, foundations and retirement plans. The firm provides customized investment advisory services specializing in the needs of wealthy individual investors. They provide customized independent investment advice, asset allocation, unique alternative investment recommendations and investment implementation.


  • WindRock combines macroeconomic analysis with an entrepreneurial approach to seek unique investment opportunities.

  • They believe traditional models relying heavily on stocks and bonds might not be sufficient in the current economic climate.

  • Their team consists of experienced investment professionals who consider themselves independent thought leaders, willing to challenge conventional investment strategies.


WindRock works with clients to create personalized investment portfolios aligned with their financial goals, risk tolerance, and investment time horizon.

They actively manage client portfolios, making adjustments as necessary based on market conditions and individual circumstances.

They provide clients with insights and commentary on the current economic and market environment, helping them understand how these factors may impact their investments.

They offer strategies to help clients minimize their tax burden on investment income and gains.