Wave Financial

Founding Date

Wave Financial is a digital asset management firm with a unique combination of venture capital, fund, and wealth management competencies. A provider of crypto products to institutional and private wealth clients, Wave Financial aims to bridge the gap between traditional asset management and cutting-edge technology behind digital assets and blockchain. The firm offers early-stage VC investment, asset management, treasury management and strategic consulting in the crypto and blockchain ecosystem.


  • Index Fund - Wave Select 5 Digital Fund provides exposure to one of the best performing asset classes of the last 5 years

  • Income Fund - A professionally risk-managed Bitcoin fund product designed to transform BTC volatility into stable yield

  • Real Asset Fund - Wave Whiskey 2020 Digital Fund, the world’s first tokenized whiskey barrel fund that captures value appreciation associated with the aging of Kentucky whiskey, designed to be recession resistant

  • Active Hybrid Fund - Wavemaker Genesis is an actively-managed liquid VC fund investing in crypto-assets since 2018

  • Wealth Management - Your ultimate solution for digital asset portfolio management, combining custody, execution, and tailored investment strategies.

  • Protocol Inventory Management - Advanced treasury solutions including managed liquidations, staking, and derivatives support - all provided by our 24/7 global trading team.