TRM Labs

Founding Date

TRM Labs is a blockchain intelligence company that helps financial institutions, crypto businesses and federal agencies detect and investigate crypto-related financial crimes and fraud. A provider of compliance, risk management, and anti-fraud tools, TRM offers solutions in data engineering, data science, and threat intelligence to advance a safer financial system for billions of people. The platform includes solutions for on-chain customer due diligence, transaction monitoring, and customer relationship management, and services for crypto anti-money laundering, transaction monitoring and wallet screening, and entity risk scoring, among others. TRM enables a rapidly-growing cohort of organizations around the world to safely embrace cryptocurrency-related transactions, products, and partnerships.


  • Supports 1,000,000+ digital assets across 25 blockchains, including industry-leading NFT coverage and DeFi protocols.

  • Offers a comprehensive set of risk indicators (80+ risk categories), including FATF's money laundering predicate offenses.

  • Offers cross-chain analytics, allowing you to move seamlessly between Bitcoin, Ethereum and more than a dozen other blockchains.

  • Allows you to access the largest and fastest-growing database of illicit services built from proprietary threat intelligence combined with advanced data science.


  • Know-Your-VASP – Assess the risk profile of Virtual Asset Service Providers and other crypto businesses

  • Forensics – Investigate the source and destination of crypto funds to accelerate cases

  • Transaction Monitoring – Screen crypto wallets and transactions for AML and sanctions compliance