Tema ETFs

Founding Date

Tema is an ETF platform focused on expert-led, institutional grade thematic ETFs. The firm is redefining thematic investing by prioritizing long-term structural trends and precision in security selection, diverging from the industry norm of chasing short-lived market fads. Tema provides defined exposure to innovative, underpenetrated themes through its bottom-up research process, underpinned with risk management and industry expertise. The platform builds innovative ETF portfolio building blocks in life sciences, strategic equity and alternatives.


  • Tema is an active investment adviser focused on differentiated strategies managed by experienced investment professionals offered through ETFs and SMAs.

  • The firm aims to empower investors with unexplored and innovative solutions accessing today’s most pressing and durable investment opportunities.

  • Tema is backed by Index Ventures and Accel Ventures and several asset management industry leaders.


  • Process. Bottom-up, fundamental research-led investment process.

  • People. Experienced team with sector expertise.

  • Product. Compelling innovative exposures.

  • Positioning. Precise and defined underlying exposures.


  • Exchange Traded Fund. A lineup that spans life sciences, core equity, and thematics. 

  • ETF Model Portfolios. Differentiated, primarily open architecture solution for the financial advisor needs of tomorrow.

  • Institutional Solutions. Whether via separately managed accounts, private funds, or other custom services, Tema has an experienced team ready to offer support.