Silver Ring Value Partners

Silver Ring Value Partners utilizes a concentrated intrinsic value approach in seeking to compound capital over the long term. It focuses on delivering long-term value through rigorous adherence to its guiding business principles and robust investment process. Silver Ring focuses on long-term results that can add the most value, ensuring investors’ goals are aligned with that long-term time horizon.


Idea Generation

Silver Ring finds investments that are likely to be undervalued by employing a three-step process:

  1. Identify a broad set of potentially undervalued securities.
  2. Exclude those failing to meet quality criteria.
  3. Prioritize opportunities based on its assessment of quality and valuation.

Security Research and Valuation

Silver Ring thoroughly assesses the quality of each company and rigorously estimates a range of intrinsic values. This process focuses attention on several salient factors, from the company’s quality to an analysis of key economic variables likely to impact the company, to stringent financial modeling and valuation, followed by a rigorous behavioral checklist.

Portfolio Construction

Silver Ring sizes positions to ensure that an adverse outcome on any single investment will not impair the portfolio to a significant degree. It also manages risk by thinking through the correlation of long-term business outcomes among multiple investments