Bret Kenwell

Bret Kenwell

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Bret Kenwell is an Options Investment Analyst at eToro, the world's leading social investment platform. Kenwell has been publicly writing about the stock market for more than 10 years. Prior to joining eToro, he was a Financial Journalist for TheStreet where he covered a variety of beats including the auto sector, technology space, and most recently the technical setups for the U.S. indices and individual stocks. He also worked on TheStreet’s  newsletters, helping investors approach the market from a perspective that blended fundamental and technical analysis. Before that, he held prominent positions at InvestorPlace, Seeking Alpha and Capital Traders Group.

Professional Experience

Academic History


  • He spent over a decade at TheStreet, where he curated, organized, and sent four of the firm's major daily newsletters to its subscribers.

  • At Seeking Alpha, he analyzed short and long-term market currents while applying underlying fundamentals analysis and technical analysis.

  • At Benzinga, he was responsible for building out part of the company’s front-end premium product, while focusing on options flow, pricing and analysis.

  • He also analyzed and monitored the options market and worked on Benzinga's News Desk, which breaks and posts important and relevant market news to the Benzinga Pro platform.

  • He also had experience applying essential risk management and trading multiple financial instruments including equities, options, and futures.