Pomp Investments

Founding Date

Pomp Investments is a global capital firm that trades and manages cryptoassets and hedge fund that invests in blockchain technology and early token sales, on behalf of its clients. The firm is dedicated to delivering absolute returns in all market conditions regardless of the directional movement in equity, interest rate or currency markets. They give investors the opportunity to not only profit from blockchain assets, but also, to own them. Pomp offers unconstrained, alpha-centric and diversified exposure to the wide range of investment opportunities available across the digital asset ecosystem via a multi-manager, multi-strategy approach across both private and public markets. 


  • Select Assets. They carefully select financial assets and their instruments, which have a high record of performance, and great future prospects.

  • Trade Assets. They have a team of seasoned traders and market analysts who handle trades on behalf of their investors. Their trades combine analysis from AI with human expertise.

  • Manage Assets. They manage these trades on behalf of investors, providing guidance to them on how to reinvest or plan for future financial security.


  • Multiple Products. The firm provides access to over 74 investment classes. They offer both individual and corporate services with vast growth opportunities.

  • Advanced Technology. Dynamic trading tools, extensive IT infrastructure make Pomp Investments a powerful industry leader.

  • Expert Teams. Their team is made up of more than 50 IT and finance specialists, each contributing their own expertise to provide the highest quality of service available.

  • AI Security. Their security and privacy systems are powered by artificial intelligence, and are designed to detect and disarm any form of threat to investors' funds and assets.

  • Investment Knowledge. They provide investors with knowledge about investments and about how they can take advantage of the financial industry freely, as part of our values.

  • 24/7 Live Support. They also provide a 24/7 live support service to all our investors on our platforms.