Oceanwood Capital Management

Oceanwood Capital Management

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Oceanwood Capital is an alternative investment manager employing fundamental research to identify catalyst-driven investment opportunities across the capital structure. It employs a consistent investment strategy that is designed to provide investors with absolute returns through-the-cycle. Oceanwood invests in a range of strategies, dynamically allocating capital across the capital structure, and is not constrained to a single strategy at any point in time.



  • Focus on companies and industries undergoing change
  • Identify mispricings, focus on the balance sheet
  • Spot targets and arbitrage announced M&A in expansionary periods
  • Distinguish 'winners' from 'losers' in contractionary periods


  • Focus on balance sheet restructuring
  • Target companies where restructuring is imminent
  • Seek out corporate bonds with catalysts for value release
  • Arbitrage spreads, if attractive, in announced transactions


  • Focus on value transfers between credit and equity
  • Conduct extensive fundamental downside analysis
  • Manage sizing and liquidity carefully
  • Construct trades with low correlation to the markets