Maiden Lane LLCs

Maiden Lane LLCs

Maiden Lane LLCs
Maiden Lane

More About Maiden Lane LLCs

  • Formed during the sale of Bear Stearns
  • Formed to hold mortgages and other underwater assets held by Bear Stearns
  • Also held mortage-backed securities and CDOs from AIG
  • The Federal Reserve provided loans to fund the Maiden Lane entities
  • Final Assets were sold off in September, 2018

Maiden Lane Criticisms

  • The assets purchased were not made public
  • Bloomberg filed a FOIA request in 2008 (denied stating was proprietary bank records)
  • Once finally released 2 years later, it was revealed that the assets were not high quality

Multiple Maiden Lane Entities Were Created :

  • Maiden Lane LLC (closed in 2018) -  profitable
  • Maiden Lane II LLC (closed in 2012) - profitable
  • Maiden Lane III LLC (closed in 2012) - profitable