J. Stern & Co.

J. Stern & Co. is an investment partnership, based in London and Zurich, building on the Stern family’s 200-year old banking heritage. Since 1805, the Stern family has successfully been preserving and generating family wealth based on in-house investment expertise with a long-term investment horizon. The firm provides unbiased in-house investment analysis and expertise, and provides clients with opportunities to invest long-term in the areas of investment management, estate management, merchant banking, and private office services. Looking after bespoke global portfolios on behalf of selected families, private clients, trusts and charities, J. Stern & Co. partners with clients to understand and plan their wealth through quality investment process and proprietary analysis.

  • Building on the 200 year banking heritage of the Stern family, the firm's approach is based on the same principles, values and alignment of interests followed by the Stern family for over 60 years. 

  • The firm’s most established strategy is World Stars Global Equity, a concentrated large and mega-cap global Equity strategy.

  • The firm invests globally in stocks, bonds and other assets that offer quality and value on behalf of families, entrepreneurs, trusts, charities and other long-term investors.

  • Their sole focus as an independent asset manager is to preserve and increase wealth by achieving long-term total returns.

J.Stern & Co.'s mission is achieved through:

  • Unbiased in-house investment analysis and expertise

  • Long-term investing alongside the Stern family

  • Clear, simple and transparent approach to investment and private office services

J.Stern & Co's investment strategies include:

  • Global Equity portfolios of stocks in great global companies

  • Multi-asset portfolios of stocks, bonds and certain other assets

  • Emerging market bond portfolios

  • Charities and endowment portfolios