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A pioneer in digital banking, ING is one of the most innovative banks in the world. It offers retail and commercial banking services to approximately 39 million retail customers in more than 40 countries. It is recognized for its positive recognition from customers in many countries, strong financial position, omnichannel distribution strategy, and international network. Clients include individuals, families, small businesses, large corporations, institutions, and governments.



ING is proactive in helpING customers to buy a house. It creates pre-market opportunities for owners and buyers, integrates financING in the biddING process to give customers financial security, and offers software as a service to brokers so they better serve customers.


ING automates and digitizes trade through technologies like blockchain and advanced analytics, enablING greater supply chain efficiency and developING data-led trade services.


ING offers alternative and personalized lendING options to customers, digitizING the loan origination to the distribution process, and developING a new type of digital assets.

Financial Health

ING helps customers make smarter financial decisions and achieve goals through meanINGful day-to-day interactions that are easy, personal, and smart. It offers money management services, multibank platforms for individuals and corporate clients, and subscription management services.

Safe and Compliant

ING enhances compliance by digitalizING regulatory processes, pro-actively protectING the financial system, offerING compliance and risk management capabilities as a service to other financial and non-financial companies.