Gluskin Sheff

Gluskin Sheff is one of the foremost wealth management firms in Canada. It employs global investment strategies across equities, fixed income, and alternative asset classes in both public and private markets. Through a combination of extensive wealth planning and prudent investment management, Gluskin Sheff helps clients understand the complete financial picture and ensure that their wealth plan is properly aligned with their goals and aspirations.


Public Equity

Gluskin Sheff looks for companies with long-term growth and stability, a proven track record, shareholder-minded management, and a share price that is trading below the intrinsic value. It offers various strategies focused on providing different income and return profiles across all market caps and geographies.

Fixed Income and Credit Alternative

Gluskin Sheff provides actively managed, global exposures in a non-equity correlated asset class. Its strategies are able to protect against interest rate risk, which in turn guards against the potential loss of capital that could occur if interest rates rise and, as a direct result, bond prices fall.

Assets under management: $8 billion (as of March 2021)