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DarcMatter is a global financial technology platform that streamlines the capital raising process for asset managers and provides investors with transparent and direct access to funds in the asset management industry. Providing an award-winning cloud based infrastructure for asset managers, DM creates transparency and efficiency by providing direct access to funds in the asset management industry for accredited investors, advisors, and asset managers. Additionally, DarcMatter is leveraging blockchain technology to continue to accelerate further efficiencies in the asset management marketplace. The company's platform streamlines the capital-raising process and offers investment options including commercials, private equity funds and startup offerings, enabling asset managers and investors to have direct access to quality alternative investment opportunities.

DarcMatter is the winner of:

Working with DarcMatter's Institutional Services

  • Step 1: Connect with DM team to see if investment opportunity meets a current investment mandate

  • Step 2: Pre-screen investment materials and provide initial feedback on potential investment interest

  • Step 3: Sound investment interest from South Korean institutions while providing ongoing feedback

  • Step 4: If investment interest is identified, a robust due diligence process will begin

  • Step 5: DM will work closely with all parties to guide transaction to final closing