Capital Management Group

CMG Capital Management Group is a leading investment firm specializing in structuring and managing tactical investing strategies and funds for advisors, advisory firms, individuals, and institutions. The firm offers managed accounts, mutual funds, variable annuities and proprietary research on an vast network of investment managers. It also educates clients about the value of tactical strategies as the core of a diversified portfolio through weekly commentaries.


CMG Absolute Return Portfolio

The CMG Absolute Return Portfolio invests in actively managed mutual funds or ETFs that seek uncorrelated returns from the broad equity and fixed income markets.  

CMG High & Growing Dividend ETF Strategy

The CMG High and Growing Dividends ETF Strategy selects ETFs that either currently pay a high Dividend and have processes that invest in stocks with a history of growing their Dividends. 

CMG Large Cap Strategies

The CMG Large Cap Strategies attempt to gauge the overall health of U.S. Large Cap Equities by analyzing the market at the industry group level.

CMG Managed High Yield Bond Program

The CMG Managed High Yield Bond Program trades High Yield mutual funds and ETFs using a proprietary quantitative buy/sell/hold model

CMG Managed Gold Strategy

The CMG Managed Gold Strategy is a quantitative investment strategy that trades Gold ETFs. It analyzes price action from an ensemble of different time periods to determine opportunities that benefit long Gold exposure

CMG Tactical Rotation Strategy

The CMG Tactical Rotation Strategy seeks to generate returns in all market conditions based on the concept that various asset classes and sectors experience bull and bear markets at different times.

Traditional Asset Allocation Portfolios

The CMG Traditional Asset Allocation Portfolios allocate to a diversified selection of ETFs across equities and fixed income assets and multiple sub-asset classes.