Bone Fide Wealth

Founding Date

Bone Fide Wealth is a fee-only Registered Investment Advisor that provides relatable advice, proper education, and tailored financial solutions. With a bespoke financial plan and technology that affords you unparalleled access to the firm, you can have full control of your finances and spend more time chasing the great things in life.


Financial Planning

Bone Fide Wealth provides specific, actionable recommendations that encompass all areas of your financial life, including cash management, investments, insurance, taxes and retirement, and estate planning. 

Millennial Investing

Bone Fide Wealth provides cost-effective, fee-only investment services designed to save you time while upholding our fiduciary obligation to you.


Bone Fide Wealth searches the marketplace for affordable policies from reputable carriers. The firm makes applying for coverage seamless by completing your paperwork, making sure you understand exactly what you are paying for, and ensuring that each step of the process moves smoothly.  

Workplace Benefits

Bone Fide Wealth helps owners and partners plan for future growth, prepare for taxes, reach financial independence and map out their succession plans.