BEASY - Blockchain Made Easy

Founding Date

BEASY, Blockchain Made Easy, is a blockchain-as-a-service technology company focused on developing blockchain solutions that enable a broader range of stakeholders, from consumer to the enterprise, to participate in the blockchain economy. BEASY aims to make blockchain adoption easier for entertainers, athletes, entrepreneurs and enterprises, so they can reap the multiple benefits and value of the new emerging technology. The platform leverages best-in-class, proprietary blockchain technology to deliver business applications that enable individual and enterprise customers to curate their complex and fluid professional, philanthropic and business activities. BEASY streamlines digital rights management for the creator with end-to-end capabilities, from creating their official digital identity to secondary market sales tracking. BEASY also provides loyal fans and customers simplified access to their favorite athlete or entertainer’s NFTs, which can be purchased with fiat or cryptocurrency directly from the seller’s own website or other popular marketplaces.


  • BEASY is a platform-agnostic tech solution allowing anyone to develop, mint, sell and manage NFTs directly from their website, Shopify or various marketplaces.

  • It enables business users to understand, quickly apply and use blockchain to lower operating costs and improve network efficiency.

  • It simplifies blockchain’s features and benefits for leading global organizations, providing an orchestration layer for blockchain management and governance across the global enterprise. 

  • It supports a bring-your-own-blockchain requirement and interoperates with all major CRM and Content Service Platforms including Salesforce, Amazon, IBM, Microsoft and more.

  • BEASY’s built-in smart contract capabilities help streamline multi-party consensus and digital rights management, and makes it easy for fans and collectors to acquire and trade NFTs with fiat (cash) or cryptocurrency.

  • BEASY’s on-demand Forge and Wallet platform-as-a-service is leveraged by businesses and brands looking to deploy a turnkey NFT infrastructure.