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Ahrvo Comply is the most comprehensive and robust compliance solution designed specifically for cryptocurrency firms, VASPs, broker-dealers, and investment firms. Ahrvo empowers organizations to streamline client and business onboarding through user-friendly compliance solutions that are powered by facial biometrics, artificial intelligence, geospatial, and blockchain technology. Ahrvo uses multi-factor systems and deep learning algorithms to rank more than 10,000 stocks, enabling traders and investors of varying backgrounds to outperform the stock market. It streamlines compliance workflow and client lifecycle management for financial institutions across the globe. Documents are stored in user-profiles with a hash of the information stored on Ahrvo’s blockchain.

Ahrvo Comply’s Four Main Pillar

  • Identity Management (Know Your Customer, Know Your Business, Anti-Money Laundering)

  • Document Management (Document OCR, File Sharing, E-Signature, PDF Editor)

  • Transaction Management (Know Your Transaction for traditional and digital assets, Suspicious Activity Reporting, Anomaly Detection)

  • Data Management (WORM Storage - Smart Contracts, Blockchain)

Ahrvo Compliance Solutions

  • Anti-Money Laundering (AML)

  • Know Your Customer (KYC)

  • Know Your Business (KYB)

  • Know Your Transaction (KYT)

  • Suspicious Activity Reporting(SAR)

Ahrvo Business Solutions

Ahrvo Industries

  • Crypto Exchanges and Wallets

  • Investment Firms and Brokerages

  • Digital and Traditional Banking

  • Payments and Lending