Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group

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Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group is the largest training and education company in Singapore. Founded in 2002, AKLTG has trained over 700,000 individuals and 440 organizations in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Thailand and Vietnam to achieve breakthrough results in their lives. As Asia's leading Personal and Professional Development organization, they bring over a decade of experience and excellence in partnering individuals, schools and corporate organizations to release and achieve their greatest potential. AKLTG has an outstanding track record in transforming lives through their unique brand of inspirational and action-igniting programs.

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Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group

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Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group

  • AKLTG's training content specialty includes academic mastery, personal transformation, leadership, communication, wealth creation, investing, trading, and more.

  • The company also offers inspirational and dynamic programmes on Academic Mastery, Personal Development, Financial Management, Business Strategic Planning, and many more.

  • AKLTG is the first company in Singapore to introduce a childhood education programme that incorporates brain-based learning with LASY learning technology.

  • They are the only financial education provider in Singapore to have won the ShareInvestor "Most Preferred Financial Educator" Award five times.

  • In 2019, AKLTG was the only education company to be ranked among the Top 50 SMEs in Singapore at the Enterprise 50 Awards.