Thinking about the Future


Thinking About the Future contains all the collected and revisited key writings of George Shultz. In a rich and varied career, Shultz has aided presidents, confronted national and international crises, and argued passionately that the United States has a vital stake in promoting democratic values and institutions. Each chapter in this book includes his past thinking of America’s most pressing contemporary problems. It provides context, color, and behind-the-scenes glimpses of how decisions are made in the halls of power.

  • Shultz is guided by the belief that "you can learn about the future—or at least relate to it—by studying the past and identifying principles that have continuing application to our lives and our world."

  • Thinking About the Future is a collection of Shultz's writings and remarks, and is a testament for his approach to sound policymaking.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Accountability

  • A More Accountable World? (2001)

Chapter 2: Trust

Chapter 3: A Changing World

  • America Can Ride the 21st Century's Waves of Change (2018)

  • Automation: A New Dimension to Old Problems (1955)

Chapter 4: The Drug Issue

  • Gary Becker and the War on Drugs (2011)

  • The Failed War on Drugs (2018)

Chapter 5: Force and Strength

  • The Ethics of Power (1984)

  • Discerning Strength from Force (2017)

  • Power and Diplomacy (1984)

Chapter 6: Practicing Theories of Governance

  • The New Federalism (1970)

  • Prescription for Economic Policy: Steady as You Go (1971)

Chapter 7: America in the World

  • Resources Are Needed for Effective Foreign Policy (1987)

  • Proposed Refugee Admissions for FY 1989 (1988)

Chapter 8: A Balanced Approach to Climate Change

  • A Reagan Approach to Climate Change (2015)

  • A Conservative Answer to Climate Change (2017)

Chapter 9: Nuclear Security, Past and Future

  • US-Soviet Relations in the Context of US Foreign Policy (1983)

  • A World Free of Nuclear Weapons (2007)

  • Deterrence in the Age of Nuclear Proliferation (2011)

  • Lenten Nukes, by the Rt. Rev. William E. Swing (2018)



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