The Only Three Questions That Count

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The Only Three Questions That Count: Investing by Knowing What Others Don't

Only Three Questions That Count is a novelty book to show readers how to think about investing and refine innovative ways to master and profit from the markets. Fisher shares his system on how to maximize the chances of getting good results from stock picking. It all boils down to focusing on just three big questions. These questions aren't about the market's ratio or interest rate forecasts. Rather, they have to do with your own psyche — how overcoming your psychological failings can make one a better investor.

First Question: What do you believe is true that's actually wrong?

Second Question: Can you fathom the unfathomable? 

Third Question: What is your blind spot?

"I believe that reading this book may be the single best thing you could do this year to make yourself a better investor."

—From the Foreword by James J. Cramer

"The Only Three Questions That Count is a great resource for investors. Ken pushes his readers to go against the grain and not accept conventional investing thinking. His questions are food for thought for anyone craving a fresh take-on investing."

—Gregory E. Johnson, President and Chief Executive Officer Franklin Resources, Inc.

"Money manager maestro Ken Fisher has been profitably enlightening our readers with his columns for more than twenty years. Investors will find this brilliant book an eye-opening, capital-gains producing experience."

—Steve Forbes, CEO of Forbes, Inc. and Editor in Chief of Forbes

"A provocative book for aggressive investors—from one of the investment world's most original thinkers."

—Charles R. Schwab, founder, Chairman, and CEO, The Charles Schwab Corporation