The New Scrooge Investing

Full Name
The New Scrooge Investing: The Bargain Hunter's Guide to Thrifty Investments, Super Discounts, Special Privileges, and Other Money-Saving Tips

The New Scrooge Investing shows you how to keep your dollars for yourself. It concentrates on the stock market, income opportunities, real estate, and other investments to help you save and make more money every day. It weeds out the pretenders to give you over 150 resources, ideas, and techniques that will improve the overall return on every investment move you make. Let The New Scrooge Investing show you how to invest shrewdly, develop a consistent savings and investment program, and build your net worth each and every day toward a healthy, prosperous financial future.

The New Scrooge Investing offers these money-making and money-saving techniques:

  • Comprehensive strategies on finding super bargains in stocks, mutual funds, bonds, commodities, real estate, and foreign investments
  • An exclusive survey of the best online discount stock brokers for maximum service and minimum commission
  • Listings of the lowest-cost collectibles, art dealers, bank accounts, and more.