The Little Book That Still Beats the Market


Years in business school won't educate on you how to double the market's return, but two hours with The Little Book That Beats the Market will. Joel Greenblatt does more than simply lay out the fundamental principles for successful stock market investing. Even better, he shares a magic formula that makes purchasing good companies at low prices easy. While the formula has been proven and tested, Greenblatt simplifies it even more using plain words, 6th grade math, and humor. You'll learn how to use this low risk approach to win the market by a wide margin. It also teaches you how to view the stock market, why success flees almost all individual and professional investors, and why the formula will continue to work even after everyone "knows" it.

"Simply perfect. One of the most important investment books of the last 50 years!"

Michael Price

"A landmark book—a stunningly simple and low-risk way to significantly beat the market!"

Michael Steinhardt, the Dean of Wall Street hedge fund managers

"This book is the finest simple distillation of modern value investing principles ever written. It should be mandatory reading for all serious investorsfrom the fourth grade on up."

Professor Bruce Greenwald, Director of the Heilbrunn Center for Graham and Dodd Investing, Columbia Business School

"The book unquestionably makes good on its promises."


"Greenblatt delivers admirably . . . it contains one of the clearest, most entertaining explanations you'll ever see of the ideas underlying value investing."

International Herald Tribune