The Little Book of Value Investing


In light of finance guidebooks, The Little Book of Value Investing is often mentioned as the perfect introductory book for someone who's interested to learn extensively about the truths of value investing and fundamental analysis. It does an excellent job of capturing the key principles and framework of the said topic. Renowned financial author Chris Browne provides you with the proven wealth-building strategy to buy bargain stocks that generate supreme returns.

"Fools would be well-served to place The Little Book of Value Investing on their holiday shopping lists".

"sharply written...gets you fired up about buying stocks" 

USA Today

"If you are a value investor by temperament, you will (or should) find a lot that is persuasive in what Christopher Browne has to say about the craft of value investing in a delightful new book out this autumn...It is nicely written and utterly persuasive if long-term investment success is what you are after and your temperament is equipped to handle the psychological pressures of making non-consensus investments." 

The Independent

"elegant new treatise on the art of value investing. . ."

Financial Times (UK)

"...easily digestible and shortish treatise for anyone who wants to try out this particular investment strategy".  

The Wall Street Journal

"After 37 years of practicing what Graham preached, Browne has distilled the creed into a disarmingly chatty primer. . ."


"one of the best guidebooks toward protecting and growing a retirement nest egg. This advice comes from a legend of value investing, and it’s presented with enough clarity that anyone can follow it."