The Davis Dynasty

Full Name
The Davis Dynasty: Fifty Years of Successful Investing on Wall Street

This new account from John Rothchild narrates the history of three generations of the most illustrious Davis family, who rank among the most successful investors in the history of Wall Street. With a novelist's humor, Rothchild tells the financial ventures of this extraordinary clan ⁠— two lengthy bull markets, two savage and seven mild bear markets, one crash, and twenty-five corrections and, in the process, reveals the strategies behind the family's uncanny ability to consistently beat the markets.

"...Rothchild's book is a combination of entertaining biography and successful investment philosophy..."

⁠— Lloyd's List, 28 September, 2001

"...well-researched, solidly written book..."

⁠— Institutional Investor, 1 October, 2001

"I remember attending a company meeting with Shelby Cullom Davis when he was in his seventies. Even then it was obvious he was taking the best notes. This is really two books in one. It is the story of a rarity in the investment business: a family whose money management skills have evolved and been passed on from the patriarch to two succeeding generations. It is also a how-to book on common sense investing. As the phase passes into history, the book provides some useful lessons on how fortunes are built and then used for constructive purposes."

⁠— Byron R. Wien, Chief U.S. Investment Strategist, Morgan Stanley

"When John Rothchild combines history and biography with investing in one package, history illuminates the biography and investing, biography illuminates the history and investing, and investing illuminates the history and biography. This is a sparkling book on each level, but even more so as an adroitly mixed cocktail of all three."

⁠— Peter Bernstein, Author of THE POWER OF GOLD

"This is an unusual biography, a rare gem that captures the history of one of Wall Street's greatest families. The Davis Dynasty offers unparalleled insight into the davis family investment philosophy."

⁠— Barton M. Biggs, Chairman, Morgan Stanley Asset Management , Morgan Stanley Dean Witter

"Equally relevant to the uninitiated and to those of us who have many years' experience with the Davis dynasty, Rothchild's book takes a close look at the family's remarkable success and endurance. I know that many will find it interesting to learn how, even today, davis endeavors remain focused on the long view, guided by the strong investment philosophy and business principles that Shelby himself lived by in one of the most important periods in commercial history."

⁠— M. R. Greenberg, Chairman and CEO, American International Group, Inc.