Peter Bernstein

Peter Bernstein

Formal First Name
1/22/1919 - 6/5/2009

Peter Bernstein was a known economist, financial historian, and educator who popularized investment economics to the general public. His advancement and cultivation of the efficient-market hypothesis made him one of the best known authorities in the industry. He is also a celebrated author exploring the history of risk and how it works in real-world markets.

Academic History

Peter has received three major awards from the Association for Investment Management & Research (AIMR), the key organization for investment managers and analysts:

  • The Award for Professional Excellence, AIMR's highest award, 
  • The Graham & Dodd Award, given annually for the outstanding article in the Financial Analysts Journal for the previous year, and 
  • The James R. Vertin Award, recognizing individuals who have produced a body of research notable for its relevance and enduring value to investment professionals.