The Bible of Compounding Money

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The Bible of Compounding Money: The Complete Guide to Investing With World Class Money Managers

The Bible of Compounding Money is a must-read for anybody who is serious about increasing their assets long term. It shows you how to find professional money managers who invest in diverse items through managed futures programs. It presents the industry from both sides of the equation and puts it into terms that the non-professional can grasp and understand. By applying the "10 Commandments for compounding," you too can have a chance to compound your investments over time.

"I have read many, many books about economics and investments. Abraham's book contains many other great investment insights, which will help you improve your investment returns."

— MF Marc Faber, Marc Faber Limited


"The book is not an academic tone and revolves around investing in managed futures and the CTA arena. It sets out a number of investing guidelines in a readable fashion: not putting more than 1% to 5% of investible capital with any one manager, the maths of compounding and the dangers of inflation to name a few. There are sensible suggestions on how to conduct due diligence and to collate further information on CTAs from regulators and other sources. Andrew stresses the dangers and lack of certainty in the investing world and is right to do so." 

 — Anthony FJ Garner,


"I just finished reading (some sections twice) your book.  I loved the Dentist story - it made the book and you really.  Work + Passion = WorldClass Results.  I've seen many investors chase program highs and sell drawdown lows. They are always losing money. Doing it in reverse would turn the tables for them. Warren Buffett - so many people forget his 50% drawdowns and multi-year recovery times.  I remember articles saying his strategy was all but dead.  I liked the introduction to each manager you selected. I enjoyed the attention to risk. Return is great, but the risk is where the game is made or lost. Great book, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it."   

 — Justin Vandergrift,  Principle Chadwick Investment Group Commodity Trading Advisor