Sovereign Man: Confidential

Sovereign Man Confidential is the world's most comprehensive toolkit, specifically crafted to protect your assets and increase your freedom. It offers step-by-step instructions for dozens of strategies that will help you invest into lucrative investments out of drastically overvalued stock markets. It delivers all of this through regular intelligence reports, comprehensive video library, and live teleconferences with the Simon Black himself.


Extraordinarily Comprehensive Video Library

As an SMC member you’ll gain access to our comprehensive library which contains 50+ highly actionable and educational videos that explain dozens of incredible strategies you can take advantage of. 

Step-By-Step Intelligence Reports

Every month you will receive an in-depth intelligence report focusing on domestic and international diversification strategies with step-by-step instructions and contacts who can help you implement the solutions.

Quarterly In-Depth Black Papers

Our quarterly Black Papers are in-depth research reports that go into extreme detail about a specific topic. It included 14 different countries with detailed instructions and requirements so that our readers can determine which options are right for them.

Simon's boots-on-the-ground reports in Monthly Dispatches

On average, Simon travels to over 40 countries per year...doing business, investing, exploring emerging markets, and establishing and maintaining important relationships. Everything he learns from these valuable experiences is passed on in a monthly correspondence to subscribers of Sovereign Man: Confidential.

Member's Only Monthly Q&A

If you still have questions after accessing all of these tools and education, you can submit them to our monthly members-only Q&A, where Simon will answer them in detail.

Member's Only Discounts

Many of the solutions and tools we recommend are absolutely free. But some of them do require an additional investment, like establishing an asset protection structure. In those cases we almost always negotiate steep discounts with our vetted contacts. 

An archive with 8 Years of Information

As a member of Sovereign Man: Confidential you receive several new reports every month. And on top of that, you have access to an archive with hundreds of solutions that we have published in the past 8 years.