Sectors and Styles

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Sectors and Styles: A New Approach to Outperforming the Market

The actions of politicians, regulators, and economic policymakers have an enormous impact on the financial markets. Sectors and Styles offers an investment technique that takes these factors into account. It illustrates how you should index a portion of your stock portfolio to the market while investing another portion in industry sectors that are likely to outperform the broader market. To determine hot sectors, this book provides a framework for analyzing government activity, the economy, and market activity.

Praise for Sectors and Styles

"This is a GEM of a book. Catalano has a three-pronged approach to investing: government, economics, and markets. He artfully blends the dynamics of the information age by combining technology, finance, and ETFs into the construction of diversified portfolios. Subjects covered range from valuation to technical analysis but you, the investor, play the starring role. Read and enjoy the process of investing in the interactive world of the twenty-first century."

Ralph Acampora, CMT, Managing Director, Knight Research

"With his decades of cutting-edge experience as both a professional investor and educator, Catalano has crafted an intelligent, well-reasoned, and easy-to-understand investment guide for this new, technology-juiced, twenty-first-century frontier, which no serious, active, knowledgeable investor should be without."

Philip J. Orlando, CFA, Senior Vice President and Senior Portfolio Manager, Federated Investors, Inc.

"Catalano offers unique insights into the changing nature of today's markets. Investors of all experience levels will find it well worth the read."

Jason DeSena Trennert, Chief Investment Strategist, International Strategy and Investment Group Inc.

"With twenty-five years' experience in portfolio strategy with both a U.S. and global perspective, I find sector and style aspects to be crucial but often overlooked. Catalano does an admirable job in distilling the key issues. A good read for those with more than a passing interest in investing."

Subodh Kumar, CFA, Managing Director, CIBC World Markets

"At a time when individuals will increasingly be responsible for the management of their own investments in retirement, no one should be without a common man's guide to the most important principles of investment management. With Sectors & Styles, every investor now has the complete tool kit for managing his or her own retirement in the Internet-based world of investing."

Kathleen Camilli, Founder and Principal, Camilli Economics, LLC