Potential Multibaggers

Potential Multibaggers is a premium service that focuses on finding multibaggers, stocks that go up 10 times or more in value over time. It is set up to help you find premium growth stocks that have the potential to become tenbaggers or more over time but also to help investors to cut through the noise of the day-to-day action. Potential Multibaggers is for long-term investors who want to find the cream of the crop of stocks and hold on to them until these stocks become beautiful multibaggers: 5-baggers, 10-baggers, maybe even 100-baggers one day.


✓ At least one Potential Multibagger pick per month, with a full explanation of why in a longer-form article

✓ The portfolio of Potential Multibaggers.

Watchlist for Potential Multibaggers.

✓ Regular updates on stocks that are on the radar.

✓ Regular exclusive articles about stocks that are no Potential Multibaggers but are in the portfolio or on the watchlist.

✓ Updates on stocks that are Potential Multibaggers: How are the earnings? How to see a recent development? Why the big drop in the price of a stock and how to think about it?

✓ Occasional book reviews of investing books.

✓ Occasional articles about certain themes. An example is an article around the theme of Benioff's Babies, which is already published in Potential Multibaggers. It is the first of a series around companies that have ties with Salesforce.

✓ Occasional IPO articles.

✓ A chat room where you can ask questions to other members and to the author. You get the support here that you often need when your stocks are up or down a lot.