Leaders at All Levels

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Leaders at All Levels: Deepening Your Talent Pool to Solve the Succession Crisis

Leaders at All Levels shows how top companies approach leadership development as a core competency, recognizing that an adaptable leadership pool is a competitive advantage, and focusing their attention on bringing out the best in the leaders they have. It reveals exactly what's wrong with corporate leadership development and tells how to make it right. This book also details how to uncover the hidden leaders in a company, when and where to bring in fresh talent, how to coach, measure, and reward leadership, and much more. For CEOs, directors, and anyone involved in leadership development, Leaders at All Levels is an eye-opening guide on how to get succession right.

"Ram Charan's wisdom and experience come through in the profound insights that underlie this simple approach to building a better leadership pool. Any company concerned about its bench strength should follow this original and practical approach to developing leaders."

— Chad Holliday, chairman and CEO, DuPont

"Trusted by the cream of corporate leadership worldwide, Ram Charan uniquely blends the human reality of ultimately having to choose less-than-perfect leaders (a challenge all boards face) with a practical approach, for identifying and nurturing exceptional leaders."

— Bob Lane, chairman and CEO, Deere & Company

"Leaders at All Levels is a practical and no-nonsense approach to building the talent pool which will differentiate your organization, now and in the future. Ram has distilled his decades of work with top CEOs and organizations, so the reader doesn't need to reinvent the wheel. It's all about the people."

— John Koster, M.D., president and CEO, Providence Health

"Ram Charan has mentored more leaders than anyone in the lasttwo decades. Leaders at All Levels allows each of us to be his apprentice and to learn from him how to lead and to build leadership. The book is a marvelous mix of insight, experience, and wisdom. It will shape leadership succession for years to come."

— Dave Ulrich, professor, University of Michigan Business School and co-author of Why the Bottom Line ISN'T

"The one single thing that will make or break a company's growth and success today, tomorrow, and the day after that is the quality of leaders it can produce and keep. Ram Charan is without a doubt the go-to person on this subject. This is a must-read."

— BillConaty, former senior vice president of human resources, GeneralElectric